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Barari, Farzad Metal foam regenerators; heat transfer and pressure drop in porous metals.

Kazim, R. Lovelace, Robin The energy costs of commuting: a spatial microsimulation approach. Mossa, Fouzi Flames in Tubes. Shi, Yu Modelling low velocity impact behaviour of composite laminates used in aerospace. Tayefi, Pedrom The influence of contamination on the fatigue performance of electrofusion joints.

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Thornton, R. Walker, Stuart Hydrodynamic interactions of a tidal stream turbine and support structure. Antoniadou, Ifigeneia Accounting for nonstationarity in the condition monitoring of wind turbine gearboxes. Darabi, Babak Dissipation of vibration energy using viscoelastic granular materials. Dervilis, Nikolaos A machine learning approach to Structural Health Monitoring with a view towards wind turbines. Green, P. Jones, Stephen An experimental investigation of the fracture behaviour of particulate toughened epoxies.

Liu, Xiaoxiao Understanding the effect of skin mechanical properties on the friction of human finger-pads. Mohamed, Galal F. Singleton, Roger Utilisation of chip thickness models in grinding. Becker, William Uncertainty propagation through large nonlinear models. Jumahat, Aidah Effect of nanofillers on thermo-mechanical properties of polymers and composite laminates.

Alborzi, Ehsan An investigation into carbon deposition growth in jet engine injector feed arm due to fuel thermal degradation. Hensman, James John Novel techniques for acoustic emission monitoring of fatigue fractures in landing gear. Yusoff, Ahmad Optimisation of variable helix end milling tools.

Berber-Solano, Tania Paloma Evaluation of the human cognitive detection of road surfaces based on the feedback vibrations provided by the automobile steering wheel.

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Gallardo Hernandez, Ezequiel Alberto Wheel and rail contact simulation using a twin disc tester. Salas Zamarripa , Adrian Fatigue behaviour of a T6 aluminium alloy used in turbocharger compressor wheels. Tomlinson, Sarah Elizabeth Understanding the friction between human fingers and contacting surfaces. Turner, Sam Titanium milling strategies. Zanganeh, Mohammad Experimental investigation of crack paths. Cheng, Jingjing Shaken baby syndrome: simulation via computational and physical modelling.

Choppin, Simon Bruce Modelling of tennis racket impacts in 3D using elite players. Dolmansley, Timothy Manipulation of flames with electric fields. Edwards, Rachel Elizabeth Edwards A study of shot peening effects on fretting fatigue. Harper, Phil Measurement of film thickness in lubricated components using ultrasonic reflection. Martin, Castillo Morales Examining the effects of ultrasonic impact treatment as a severe plastic deformation process on the fatigue behaviour of T3 and TT aluminium alloys. Green, David The tribological effects of soot contaminated lubricants on engine components. Janson, Robert Openability of vacuum lug closures.

Lopez-Crespo, Pablo Fatigue crack characterization by image correlation. Wong, Wai Sam Mechanisms and optimisations of 3D shock control bumps. Ajovalasit, Marco Effect of fuel content on the human perception of engine idle irregularity. Chetwynd, Daley Uncertainty propagation in nonlinear systems.

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Batterbee, David Craig Magnetorheological shock absorbers : modelling, design and control. Karlsberg, Angela Jane Flexible Bayesian methods for archaeological dating. Lew, Tze Ling Metamodelling for auxetic materials. Dignall, Richard John Modelling the impact of tennis balls on court surfaces. Woodland, Daniel Optimisation of automatic train protection systems.

Ellam, Darren John Modelling smart fluid devices using computational fluid dynamics. Baldwin, James Scott Modelling industrial systems : sustainability, complexity and evolutionary processes. Betz, Daniel C Application of optical fibre sensors for structural health and usage monitoring. Chadwick, Stephen George The aerodynamic properties of tennis balls.

Giacomin, Joseph A. Hart, John H Supersonic ejector simulation and optimisation. Frolish, Michael Fraser Design criteria for rolling contact fatigue resistance in back-up rolls. Goodwill, Simon Richard The dynamics of tennis ball impacts on tennis rackets.

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  • Scroggs, Richard A. Tan, Yong Kiang A fitness landscape model for manufacturing strategy. Zhang, Su Juan Automated reflection photoelasticity : digital data acquisition and use. Chantalakhana, Chak Model-based control of plate vibrations using active constrained layer damping. Goh, Phaik Lan The implementation of total quality management in small and medium enterprises. Lewis, Roger Wear of diesel engine inlet valves and seats. Moatamedi, Mojtaba Safe dynamic design of structures. Hobbs, James William Aspects of the stress and fatigue performance of threaded connectors.

    Ji, Wenyan Error analysis and system improvements in phase-stepping methods for photoelasticity. Al-Ahmari, Abdulrahman Mushabab Abdullah Modelling, analysis and design of computer integrated manufacturing systems. Scanlon, T. Shattaf, Nasser Rashid Development of high durability concrete for the Arabian Gulf environment. Chodari, Muhammad Aslam Development of a generic model for a manufacturing management system.

    Hung, Hsien-Hsin Properties of high volume fly ash concrete. Barkhudarov, Michael Rudolf Computer modelling of solidification of pure metals and alloys. Lim, Lik-Beng Some aspects of the crashworthiness of rail vehicles. Darwish, Abdulhanan A. Lin, Xiaobin Numerical simulation of fatigue crack growth. Wu, Xiao Dong Experimental and theoretical studies of corrosion fatigue in a high strength steel.

    Wang, Chun Hui The effect of mean stresses on short fatigue crack growth behaviour. Bold, P. Nasserzadeh Sharifi, Vida Optimization study of incineration in a incinerator with a vertical radiation shaft. Oraby, Samy El-Sayed Mathematical modelling and in-process monitoring techniques for cutting tools. Yang, Zhiyan Numerical simulation of incompressible and compressible flow. Fitzgerald, Michael Kevin Heat transfer effects in hydrodynamic journal bearings. Buykx, Lucy Interactive recipe instructions: supporting cooks with better designs.

    Hutchesson, Stuart Trusted product lines. Poskitt, Christopher M. Reich, Jason S. Williams, James R. Zhao, Yining Behavioural access control in distributed environments.


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    Harwood, William The Logic of Trust. McLaughlin, James Applications of search techniques to cryptanalysis and the construction of cipher components. Miyazawa, Alvaro Heiji Formal verification of implementations of Stateflow charts. Nellis, Adam Towards meta-evolution via embodiment in artificial chemistries.

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    Othman, mohd kamal Measuring visitors' experiences with mobile guide technology in cultural spaces. Basnet, Santa B. Gilliam, Tara Writer identification in medieval and modern handwriting. Harbird, Lishan Patterns and model transformation tools for designing Contractual State Machines.

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    Hoverd, Tim Environment Oriented Simulation. Ismail, Amelia Ritahani Immune-inspired self-healing swarm robotic systems. Rose, Louis M. Ju, Quan A high performance automatic face recognition system using 3D shape information. Lisagor, Oleg Failure logic modelling: a pragmatic approach. Romero, Marcelo Landmark localisation in 3D face data. Lay, Nicholas Christopher Enhancing real-time embedded systems development using artificial immune systems. Zuhily, Areej Scheduling analysis of fixed priority hard real-time systems with multiframe tasks.

    Clark, Lillian e-CF : a framework for exploring online consumer behaviour. Grounds, Matthew Jon Scaling-up reinforcement learning using parallelization and symbolic planning. Ge, Xiaocheng Agile security for web applications. Quarteroni, Silvia Advanced techniques for personalized, interactive question answering. Zerzelidis, Alexandros A framework for flexible scheduling in real-time middleware. Ramsin, Raman The engineering of an object-oriented software development methodology. Chivers, Howard Robert Security design analysis. Heseltine, Thomas David Face recognition : two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques.

    Moy, Joanna Word order and case in models of simulated language evolution. Ubon, Adisorn Na Social presence in asynchronous text-based online learning communities : a longitudinal case study using content analysis. Wood, Gavin James Content-based visualisation to aid common navigation of musical audio. James, Michael The estimation of reward and value in reinforcement learning.

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    Watkinson, Stephen Learning natural language syntax. Marsh, Tim Towards invisible style of computer-mediated activity : transparency and continuity. Willans, James Stephen Integrating behavioural design into the virtual environment development process. Moss, Graeme E Benchmarking purely functional data structures. Mauri, Guiseppe Integrating safety analysis techniques, supporting identification of common cause failures.

    white rose online thesis White rose online thesis
    white rose online thesis White rose online thesis
    white rose online thesis White rose online thesis
    white rose online thesis White rose online thesis
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