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Further, it was a matter of concentration of command authority and a delay in strategic decision making. For the Soviets, it was an act of desperation and survival. Although discussed as an individual element.

Battle of mogadishu

Besides the obvious fact that the Germans could and should have bypassed Stalingrad. And besides the fact that both sides made a deliberate and conscious strategic decision to bleed each other white on the Volga. Neither side had the foresight to use these elements to shape the battlefield. That is at least not until after the battle of Stalingrad, but more on that later. Tactically, Stalingrad was a model of improvisation, and necessity is the mother of inventions. Improvisations during the Stalingrad campaign were as much a result of need and creativity as it was also a means to overcome deficiencies in supply or doctrine.

Each side learned to put Wire mesh over Windows to keep out hand grenades.

The Battle of Mogadishu Essay

The implications of a very long range plan that must begin well before the conflict stage, surely implies the need for a full court press of all covert and PSYOP operations. And the conscious decision to implement these shaping strategies well before consideration of troop deployment and trigger pull, ideally, in the diplomatic stage.

Timing is a key element in establishing this believable plausibility. Although Biblical scholars would indicate that the Book of Jonah is an allegory of lessons, it does provide a very good example of potential shaping.

If we examine Jonah ,10 we will see that first, Jonah is an unwilling participant. He is called to be an Ambassador. The Commander in Chief sends Jonah to Nineveh.

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Jonah is to tell the Ninevites that unless they repent Gods punishment will be swift and severe. The Ninevites repent.

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Jonah as Ambassador is the reluctant messenger. Jonah feels that the Ninevites should be destroyed and does not want to deliver the message because he knows that if they repent then God will show mercy. Although the timeline is greatly expanded it will show how God or the Commander in Chief used a shaping strategy to achieve his ends.

First, Nineveh falls about BC. Although the Book of Jonah is written circa BC it is known that that the historical elements of the allegory occurred between BC and BC when Nineveh falls. Moving forward in time to circa BC we have the Exodus and Conquest and now, about BC we have the predictions of Deuteronomy the fall of Jericho and the fall of the Northern kingdom. What if Jonah had not delivered the message with conviction?

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And of course there are a host of other questions and biblical timeline debates in which this paper recognizes, yet is not intended to demean, belittle, diminish or provide the room for such an extended debate. Another example would be to consider current Urban Architecture.

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It is a known fact that a number of buildings and facilities built with in the last 10 years are also built to inhibit or prevent the use of wireless phones and other wireless apparatus. So with this in mind, how will the Military shape, prepare and respond to that Urban dilemma? Will commands and or Divisions become highly specialized as well? Has acquisition of new military technology taken the potential wireless blackout areas into consideration? Arguably, one might say that the United States would never deliberately make the kind of decision that the Germans made regarding a deliberate decision to a battle of absolute attrition and annihilation for a city.

Or that we would even tolerate the kind of casualties that are a result of urban combat. On the other hand, we also know that cities are increasingly important for their political, economic, b2b and ideological symbolism. With Internet and system networks, backups and system redundancy, as a minimum there will be the requirement to insert troops into the urban setting rapidly and decisively.

Assuming that the Shape. It will still be important to physically secure these items to prevent destruction of data and help restore the infrastructure to normalcy during stability and or constabulary operations. All in all there are number of lessons from the battle of Stalingrad that relate directly to an enemy that will seek to exploit asymmetry in his operations.

Once again, although some might argue that this was a conventional war setting, the lessons are clear and unmistakable for modern army doctrine. Strategically : Shaping the battlefield comes in many ways and designs. Since we are already practicing unrestricted warfare in the political and business world it will be important for the military to do the same.

Shaping operations will need to address religious, ideological, humanitarian, business, political and social elements just to name a few. That would need to be planned and implemented very early in the operation. Not after the slugfest decided the outcome. The International Community attempted to send food supplies to help the cause, but an estimated eighty percent of it was hi-jacked for the local clan leaders to trade with other countries for arms. As the starvation increased, over , Somali people died.

In July of , a cease-fire was initiated allowing U.

N personnel to come and monitor the distribution of food. This operation proved unsuccessful and the U. N asked for assistance. In his last weeks in power, President George Bush deployed 25, troops to secure the trade routes, allowing food to get to the people. President Clinton reduced the number of American soldiers to only 1, However, no one expected it to turn out as one of the most horrific battles in history since the Vietnam War.

President Bush originally ordered them to set out to help end hunger problems and food shortages in the poorer areas of Somalia, Little did he know how disastrous things would end up. October 3rd , U. The battle lasted two days in which the soldiers were faced with: dehydration, sleep.

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The story took place in the city of Mogadisdhu, South Africa in The goal of the mission was to secure counselors to Mohamed Farrah Aidid, who controlled Mogadishu, and to restore order to the country so that food could be safely provided to the starving citizens. The US armed forces were not prepared for all the conditions they encountered. A simple mission that should have taken one hour turned into a twenty-two. In there was a movie released called Black Hawk Down.

This movie was based on a true story of the Battle of Mogadishu in This battle takes place in Somalia. The movie depicts this battle pretty accurately from who died and the mistake that were made in the mission plan. Relations With Afghanistan". For example, during the Battle of Mogadishu the U. In Afghanistan, the U. The troops successfully capture the two main objectives, but were soon facing many problems when a black hawk was shot down in the middle of Mogadishu.

Their mission had just taken a dramatic change into a rescue mission.

essays on the battle of mogadishu Essays on the battle of mogadishu
essays on the battle of mogadishu Essays on the battle of mogadishu
essays on the battle of mogadishu Essays on the battle of mogadishu
essays on the battle of mogadishu Essays on the battle of mogadishu
essays on the battle of mogadishu Essays on the battle of mogadishu
essays on the battle of mogadishu Essays on the battle of mogadishu
essays on the battle of mogadishu Essays on the battle of mogadishu
essays on the battle of mogadishu Essays on the battle of mogadishu
Essays on the battle of mogadishu

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