Bend it like beckham belonging essay

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Then her best friend, Jules stops talking to her because she sees Jess kiss there soccer coach, Joe. The reason her friend got mad is because Jess knew Jules and there soccer coach. The author uses this fight with her friend to show more depression that Jessminda is going through. He shows by putting them together and have them argue and he angles the camera close up to show their emotions as there talking. Culture is a big part of our lives but do we always follow it or would we rather follow our dreams? Jess starts to become daring which makes her start getting in trouble.

She does what she has to just so she can play in soccer games. He then goes to where her game is and watches her play. By the author putting in this scene, he is showing that sometimes people have to do what they need to just to get what they want. He shows us the process of Jessminda lying to her parents and going and playing the game.

This shows that she is a troubled girl who will show how much she likes something that means something to her.

Bend It Like Beckham Belonging English Free Essays

Everyone has those moments when we have to sneak away to do something that we really want to do. In addition another example of her being troubled is when she starts falling in love with their coach.

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  • Bend It Like Beckham Belonging Essay?

This conflict between Indian cultures and the Western is explored as Jess goes to live her life by comprising together both cultures G. Bend it Like Beckham challenges to allocate with the prejudice by both the cultures as the film centres on cultural abuse on the football pitch, opposing to have mixed marriages, the offensive sexual comments of boys watching the girls play football, and the conception in both cultures that football is not meant for women A. Ratna as it is a masculine sport.

The movie focuses on race as a significant subject, as in the Indian culture there is the concept caste system, which is a societal grouping and distinction M. A Chacko in the Hindu Indian community.

Ethnic Identity and Socialization: ‘Bend It Like Beckham’

The system is partially based on the discrimination towards skin color in which evident advantages are given to people with lighter skin. According to traditional Indian nation, only poor people and workers would have dark skin since they would be working under the sun M. A Chacko.

Another concept of race in the movie revolves around the idea to ethnicity. For instance the importance of cultural rituals, cookery, clothing, the traditional role of a woman, and the particular importance given to elders A. The Indian Sikh culture integrates prayers into their daily life. Unlike her mother, Jess has a portrait David Beckham, above her bed, and she is seen talking to the image about issues present on in her life. In the Sikh culture, the clothing worn is a cultural symbol of faith G.

However Jess and her sister dress more of British Western style, which their society is unacceptable especially for a girl once she gets married. The perception of having an arranged marriage is quiet common in the Indian culture, though nowadays many are also unrestricted to decide whom they prefer to marry. The theme of gender and culture play a big role in the movie. Both mothers believe that society should be constructed with a certain gender doing one thing and the other doing something else. According to the mothers sports is something the male gender should do and females are supposed to cook and do indoor chore activities.

bend it like beckham belonging essay Bend it like beckham belonging essay
bend it like beckham belonging essay Bend it like beckham belonging essay
bend it like beckham belonging essay Bend it like beckham belonging essay
bend it like beckham belonging essay Bend it like beckham belonging essay
bend it like beckham belonging essay Bend it like beckham belonging essay
bend it like beckham belonging essay Bend it like beckham belonging essay
bend it like beckham belonging essay Bend it like beckham belonging essay
bend it like beckham belonging essay Bend it like beckham belonging essay

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