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You can also get thesis help and thesis guidance on these topics from experts. In the infographic below you will find the list of latest thesis and research topics in computer networking.


Now our systems computer, laptop, mobiles, and other internet devices are connected to one node to communicate with each other and to get internet access, and this whole process called a network system. It spreads motions as electromagnetic waves or light pulses. The direct connection between two nodes are considered as guided medium and is more reliable and the occurrence of error has very less as compared to another medium.

Un-guided medium is used in so many systems to provide multiple outputs at the same time. But in this system error rate is high. To send or receive the internet signal, the two nodes follow a set of protocol which is known as IP internet protocol. Each system is designed to follow this set of rules itself to generate maximum speed with a time limit. These protocols are designed in a manner that they follow these rules one by one. Each layer follows the protocol of the upper layer to provide services and then that layer follows the upper layer, this process will continue until data is transmitted or received.

Lower layer always follows the basic set of rules and upper layer follows the advanced set of rules. Service provided by both layer will be different in terms of protocol instructions. First data is sent or received in the application layer and then in the transport layer, after following the set of rules data then is sent to network layer to link layer and after that data has been sent to physical layer to the user.


Data is divided into small packet format to provide consistency. But at the same time, it is unreliable as compared to TCP.

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It conveys the information altogether and guarantees that all information achieve the beneficiary. The hidden layers, similar to the system layer, are not required to perform solid conveyance. We can say it is a communication protocol in which there is a host with access to the Internet. This is a good topic for an M. Tech thesis in networking. If you are planning to choose this networking topic for research, then here is some basic introduction to this. TCP controls the messages by dividing them into packets.

IP controls the transmission of these packets from the sender to the receiver. It works in the following way:. The transport layer provides end-to-end communication between the host and the user. Internet layer is responsible for the transfer of packets over the network and uses IP Internet Protocol for this purpose.

Thus it is a good topic for M. Tech thesis as well as for research. A student can get thesis help on this topic from experts specialized in thesis guidance.

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You can also explore the Internet for further details on this topic. Another good computer networking topic for an M. Tech thesis is NS2. NS stands for Network Simulator. It is an open-source, discrete-event based network simulator mainly used for research purpose and for teaching. It creates a simulation environment for studying the network.

Following steps are followed while creating a simulation environment:. NS2 create network topologies and then examines the behavior of the network under any event. The behavior is analyzed by tracing down the events. NS2 provides text-based as well as animation-based simulations. NS2 is a very good topic for an M.

Tech thesis in the computer networking field. You will not only get theoretical knowledge but also practical experience of network simulator tool. You can get thesis guidance about NS2 from an expert who has practical knowledge about how to use this tool. Tech thesis topic in networking. In MANET, the nodes are self-configurable and have the ability to move freely in any direction and can link with other devices frequently. MANET was originally used as a military project in defense.

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MANET have the challenges of weak signal strength, reliability, power consumption along with some other problems. Each node is independent in nature i.

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It is based on the distributed nature of operation for security and configuration. The network is dynamic in nature i. MANET creates a symmetric environment such that all the nodes have identical features like responsibilities and capabilities. Some of these are:. The reliability of the transmission is affected by certain factors like data loss, interference, and blockage. The rate of transmission is limited to a certain range thus there is a reduced data rate.

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This was just the introduction to MANET to give an overview of what it is if you are going with this topic for your M. Network Security is the set of rules to ensure the safety of the network of an organization or personal network. You can choose this topic for your M. Tech thesis if you have a complete understanding of how the data is transferred over the network.

Network Security also include security of physical hardware devices. Network Security in software means providing authorized access to the network by means of ids and passwords. Whenever a user tries to access the network, his authenticity is checked by means of ids and passwords. This is done to prevent any malicious user from entering the network by the motive of hacking it. Active Attack — In this type of attack, a hacker tries to make changes to data while it is being sent from one node to another.

Passive Attack — In this type of attack, an outsider monitors system of the organization consistently to find vulnerable ports. Besides, you will get thesis help as well as guidance on this topic from computer networking experts. Network Topology is the arrangement of nodes in the network both physical and logical. It is an easy topic for M. Following are some of the common physical topologies:. Bus — In the bus topology, each node is connected to the main cable known as bus such that every node is directly connected to every other node. Star — In the star topology, each node is connected to a central hub such that all the nodes are indirectly connected to each other.

Ring — In this topology, the nodes form a closed loop such that the adjacent nodes are in direct connection with each other. Token Ring — In the token ring topology, a protocol is used. A token is passed from one node to another. A node that wants to transfer data should acquire the token. Mesh — In the mesh network, each node is directly connected to every other node. It can be a full mesh or partial mesh network. Daisy Chain — In this topology, each node is connected to two other nodes but do not form a closed loop like ring topology.

If you are afraid of complex topics in networking for M. Tech thesis, then this topic is for. It is relatively simple to understand and work on. Just go for it. It is another major topic in computer networking and also a good choice for a thesis or project. All submitted content is subject to our Terms Of Use. General discussion. I am the student from computer security field.. Share Flag. All Comments. Collapse -. Project ideas in network security. Back to Security Forum 1 total post Page 1 of 1. Start or search. Start New Discussion.

msc thesis in networking Msc thesis in networking
msc thesis in networking Msc thesis in networking
msc thesis in networking Msc thesis in networking
msc thesis in networking Msc thesis in networking
msc thesis in networking Msc thesis in networking
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msc thesis in networking Msc thesis in networking
msc thesis in networking Msc thesis in networking
Msc thesis in networking

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