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But, why should anybody be having a problem with this sector?

What are the Advantages of the BPO Industry?

The important issue to me is not whether BPO jobs are good or bad per se. What calls for attention and assessment, rather, is the impact the work culture may have on us personally and as part of a close-knit society. Five years ago, most jobs we know except emergency and other services like police etc are nine-to-five, five-day-week jobs. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no holiday even on Independence Day! Your working hour may start at 8 pm and last till 4 am; or 2 am till 10 am.

Your off day may be on Monday or Thursday instead of Sunday. What this means, firstly, is that your social life ceased to exist. Regular Sunday Church services are out of the question. Then there is the money.

Existence is not too long to not go for it.

The salary offered to graduate and undergraduate fresh recruits is in the region of Rs. By our own standards, this is still quite a lot of money because an average student in Delhi can still do with Rs per month.

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How do we spend that money? Is it a case of easy money easy go? Do we have any saving schemes? Have we ever sent the extra money to parents back home? I am afraid that the apparent ease with which employment can be obtained and money earned may go to our own disadvantage in the long run. Today, it looks rather old-fashioned to attend college classes everyday.

The appeal of easy money and latest gadgets that come with it is overwhelming among the young. They did find some work, but once in, they find hard to get out.

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  • One thing that strikes me is that most people from our area who work in these BPO companies are below 30 years of age. The companies usually did not differentiate between graduates or undergraduates.

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    Looking at these people I know who work there, I cannot help notice that most of them are young and dynamic people who ought to be seriously in their college studies. One other important thing is that most of those who join these companies explain it away as a stopgap arrangement, to be left as soon as they get a better job. But once they are in, they find hard to come out again. The companies too have no life of their own; their existence depends on the pleasure of their client companies who hired them. Our Policy. Have specific requirements?

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