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Never lose track of an interesting article. But in all instances the request should be unbiased, with no incentives for a positive review, and that's where this particular e-mail went too far", and that it was a mistake by a marketing employee. Elsevier seeks to regulate text and data mining with private licenses, [38] claiming that reading requires extra permission if automated and that the publisher holds copyright on output of automated processes.

The conflict on research and copyright policy has often resulted in researchers being blocked from their work. In November , Elsevier blocked a scientist from performing text mining research at scale on Elsevier papers, even though his institution already pays for access to Elsevier journal content. As of , this journal had been transferred to a different publisher. Bone Joint Med. The journal had published papers with El Naschie as author since The last issue of December featured five of his papers. The judgement noted that El Naschie, who represented himself in court, had failed to provide any documentary evidence that his papers had been peer-reviewed.

Some Elsevier journals automatically screen submissions for plagiarism, [64] but not all. In , Elsevier journal Procedia was reported to have published plagiarism by an Albanian politician in In November the entire editorial board 50 persons of the Journal of Logic Programming founded in by Alan Robinson collectively resigned after 16 months of unsuccessful negotiations with Elsevier Press about the price of library subscriptions. In , dissatisfaction at Elsevier's pricing policies caused the European Economic Association to terminate an agreement with Elsevier designating Elsevier's European Economic Review as the official journal of the association.

In , the entire editorial board of the Journal of Algorithms resigned to start ACM Transactions on Algorithms with a different, lower-priced, not-for-profit publisher, [69] at the suggestion of Journal of Algorithms founder Donald Knuth. The same happened in to the International Journal of Solids and Structures , whose editors resigned to start the Journal of Mechanics of Materials and Structures. However, a new editorial board was quickly established and the journal continues in apparently unaltered form with editors D.

In August , the entire editorial board of the distinguished mathematical journal Topology handed in their resignation, again because of stalled negotiations with Elsevier to lower the subscription price. The elevated pricing of field journals in economics, most of which are published by Elsevier, was one of the motivations that moved the American Economic Association to launch the American Economic Journal in In May , Stephen Leeder was removed from his role as editor of the Medical Journal of Australia after its publisher decided to outsource the journal's production to Elsevier.

As a consequence, all but one of the journal's editorial advisory committee members co-signed a letter of resignation. In October , the entire editorial staff of the general linguistics journal Lingua resigned in protest of Elsevier's unwillingness to agree to their terms of Fair Open Access. Editor in Chief Johan Rooryck also announced that the Lingua staff would establish a new journal, Glossa.

In January , the entire editorial board of Elsevier's Journal of Informetrics resigned over the open-access policies of its publisher and founded open-access journal called Quantitative Science Studies. In various university librarians began coordinating with each other to complain about Elsevier's " big deal " journal bundling packages, in which the company offered a group of journal subscriptions to libraries at a certain rate, but in which librarians claimed there was no economical option to subscribe to only the popular journals at a rate comparable to the bundled rate.

On 21 January , mathematician Timothy Gowers publicly announced he would boycott Elsevier, noting that others in the field have been doing so privately. The three reasons for the boycott are high subscription prices for individual journals, bundling subscriptions to journals of different value and importance, and Elsevier's support for SOPA , PIPA , and the Research Works Act.

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Following this, a petition advocating non-cooperation with Elsevier that is, not submitting papers to Elsevier journals, not refereeing articles in Elsevier journals, and not participating in journal editorial boards , appeared on the site "The Cost of Knowledge". By February this petition had been signed by over 5, academics, [88] [89] growing to over 17, by November Elsevier disputed the claims, claiming that their prices are below the industry average, and stating that bundling is only one of several different options available to buy access to Elsevier journals.

On 27 February , Elsevier issued a statement on its website that declared that it has withdrawn support from the Research Works Act.

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Hours after Elsevier's statement, the sponsors of the bill, US House Representatives Darrell Issa and Carolyn Maloney , issued a joint statement saying that they would not push the bill in Congress. The Plan S open-access initiative, which began in Europe and has since spread to some US research funding agencies would force researchers receiving some grants to publish in open access journals by In Finnish research organizations paid a total of 27 million euros in subscription fees.

Over one third of the total costs went to Elsevier. The information was revealed after successful court appeal following a denied request on the subscription fees, due to confidentiality clauses in contracts with the publishers.

How to publish a research paper in Elsevier Journals

In January , it was confirmed that a deal had been reached between those concerned. The French Couperin consortium agreed in to a 4-year contract with Elsevier [] , despite criticism from the scientific community. Almost no academic institution in Germany is subscribed to Elsevier. The boycott is in response to Elsevier's refusal to adopt "transparent business models" to "make publications more openly accessible". On 19 December the Max Planck Society MPS announced that the existing subscription agreement with Elsevier would not be renewed after the expiration date of 31 December The Max Planck Society counts In March , the Hungarian Electronic Information Service National Programme entered negotiations on its Elsevier subscriptions, asking for a read-and-publish deal.

This included a request that all Elsevier journals avoid publishing papers by Iranian nationals which are employed by the Iranian government. CRUI association of Italian universities sealed a 5-year-long deal for , [] despite protests from the scientific community, protests focused on aspects such as the lack of prevention of cost increases by means of the double dipping.

In March , the Norwegian government on behalf of 44 institutions — universities, university colleges, research institutes and hospitals — decided to break negotiations on renewal of their subscription deal with Elsevier, because of disagreement regarding open access policy and Elsevier's unwillingness to reduce the cost of reading access.

In , over 70 university libraries confirmed a "contract boycott" movement involving three publishers including Elsevier. As of January , whilst negotiations remain underway, a decision will be made as to whether or not continue the participating libraries will continue the boycott. In May , the Bibsam Consortium , which negotiates license agreements on behalf of all Swedish universities and research institutes, decided not to renew their contract with Elsevier, [] [] alleging that the publisher does not meet the demands of transition towards a more open access model, and referring to the rapidly increasing costs for publishing.

Publishing with Elsevier: step-by-step

Sweden has a goal of open access by In February , the University of California said it would terminate subscriptions "in push for open access to publicly funded research. Elsevier have been known to be involved in lobbying against open access. In , , and , [] Elsevier was found to be selling some articles which should have been open access, but had been put behind a paywall.

However, it was not clear whether Elsevier was in violation of the license under which the article was made available on their website. In , Digimarc , a company representing Elsevier, told the University of Calgary to remove articles published by faculty authors on university web pages; although such self-archiving of academic articles may be legal under the fair dealing provisions in Canadian copyright law , [] the university complied.

Harvard University and the University of California, Irvine also received takedown notices for self-archived academic articles, a first for Harvard, according to Peter Suber. Months after its acquisition of Academia. After Elsevier acquired the repository SSRN in May academics started complaining that some of their work has been removed without notice. The action was explained as a technical error. In Elsevier filed a lawsuit against the sites Sci-Hub and LibGen , which make copyright protected articles available for free.

Elsevier also claimed illegal access to institutional accounts. Among the major academic publishers, Elsevier alone declined to join the Initiative for Open Citations. In the context of the resignation of the Journal of Informetrics ' editorial board, Elsevier stated: []. Elsevier invests significantly in citation extraction technology. While these are made available to those who wish to license this data, Elsevier cannot make such a large corpus of data, to which it has added significant value, available for free.

Elsevier uses its imprints that is, brand names used in publishing to market to different consumer segments. Many of the imprints have previously been the names of publishing companies that were purchased by Reed Elsevier.

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