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Some examples follow. Based in Paris, France. Has online Masters and Ph. D theses, academic articles, UCAD publications, full text rare books. Full text theses. History Department. Australian Digital Theses Program " Includes: An examination of the impact of colonialism on cultural identity, by Denise Morden. Shanka Ideology as commodity : industry of a theocracy and production of famines in Ethiopia, by Liban Wako Adi. Science education reform in a post-colonial developing country in the aftermath of a crisis: the case of Rwanda , by Jaya Earnest. Effectiveness of a performance appraisal system in the Mauritian public service : raters' and ratees' ,.

Degrande, The University is in Ghent, Belgium. A database of citations and of full text online theses. Examples of full text theses below. Dramaturgia angolana no pos-colonialismo : sujeito, nacao e identidade na obra de Jose Mena Abrantes. A Sociedade da informacao : perspectiva para Angola. Estilhacos da guerra na obra de Lobo Antunes e Pepetela. Olhares sobre a educao bilingue e seus professores em uma regiao de Mocambique.

Escolaridade em Mocambique : diferenciais regionais e determinantes, Perspectiva historica da organizacao do sistema educacional da Guine-Bissau. American Historical Association. Directory of Dissertations in Progess Database of dissertations in progress in the U. Dissertations are submitted by the university department.

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From the Canadian Association of African Studies. Find full text theses through a keyword Search. Erudit is a Canadian university sponsored project to disseminate the results journals, books, theses, eprints of university research. Universite Laval, ,. National Library of Canada. Theses Canada In English and French. Unless your institution subscribes to ProQuest you can only search for the last two years. Center for Research Libraries. Members may borrow dissertations. Use the Keyword or Author, Institution, Title, etc. Online theses and dissertations from higher education institutions in Africa, France, Switzerland.

Database of citations for French doctoral theses from and In Progress theses of the last 10 years. Includes abstracts of the theses and which library holds the thesis. Some theses are freely available online.

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Based in Montpellier, France. University of Mumbai. Centre for African Studies. Doctoral Dissertation Has a list of Ph. Register of Namibian Theses Database of theses about Namibia. Access abstracts on theses by keyword, title, language, date. Full text theses will be available. Leiden University.

Has a list of masters theses , many on Africa. Provides "education in agriculture, food sciences, management and conservation of natural resources, landscape and community planning and aquaculture. University of Bergen - M. Theses on Africa Some M. Michelsen Institute site.

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List of masters' theses from to date. Recent theses have abstracts. Some are on African topics. Uppsala University - Theses Database " It is an electronic continuation of the printed list Scripta academica and contains titles including abstracts. As from September comprehensive summaries and monographs have also been published in full-text. Wells of Experience: A pastoral land-use history of Omaheke, Namibia. Studies in Global Archaeology 9. Uppsala: Department of Archaeology and Ancient History. Chapter 3 revisits the human capital channel put forward in Chapter 1.

This paper documents the impact of labor market conditions during the education-to-work transition on workers' long-term skill development. Using survey data that measure workers' skills in different high-income countries, I document three facts: i cohorts of workers who faced higher unemployment rates when aged have lower numeracy and literacy skills during their experienced, prime-age working years; ii unemployment rates at later ages have a more muted impact; iii the former facts hold even though people get more formal education as a response to higher unemployment in their late teens and early twenties.

These findings can be rationalized with a high importance of on-the-job skill development which is negatively impacted during bad economic times , and the early twenties being a sensitive period for learning useful skills at work. Online 2. Essays in development and public economics []. Bergstrom, Katy Ann, author. Summary This dissertation, Essays in Development and Public Economics, comprises three chapters of theoretical and empirical research investigating various topics in development and public economics.

The first chapter explores a new welfare benefit of imposing conditions to send children to school on cash transfers in developing countries. The second chapter develops a method to decompose income inequality into differences in individual productivities vs. Finally, the third chapter investigates why parents may optimally invest more in their first child relative to their later-born children, focusing on the context of India. Online 3. Essays in development economics [].

Li, Qian, author. Summary This dissertation explores various topics in development economics. Chapter 1, "Information Sharing in Trade Credit Markets: Evidence from Kenyan Retail Shops, " is a study of the impact of introducing credit bureau service to the trade credit market between small retail shops and their suppliers in Kenya. In developing countries financial frictions hinder firm growth. Credit constraints result from poor contract enforcement and asymmetric information in the credit market. One solution is to provide infrastructure for lenders to share information on borrowers' credit history, which can mitigate adverse selection and improve repayment incentives, reduce resource misallocation and accelerate firm growth.

Information flow facilitates informal enforcement which may be particularly important in an environment where formal legal enforcement is weak. I investigate the barriers to and impact of introducing an information sharing service for small and medium enterprises SMEs and their trade credit providers suppliers in the retail sector in Kenya, by means of randomized information intervention and subsidy of take-up. I focus on borrowers and lenders' decisions to adopt and share information, as well as the impact of the service in reducing information asymmetry, increasing borrowers' repayment incentives, buyer-supplier relationships and spillover among retail shops.

I find that offering free credit reports to retail shops increases credit report ownership and knowledge, as well as shops' likelihood of applying for supplier credit, but not access to supplier credit. Lack of response from the supplier side seems driven by their unwillingness to rely on information in the credit reports as well as some suppliers' lack of ability to provide credit. Kenya's Constituency Development Fund CDF , introduced in , was designed to better address local needs through locally-driven selection and implementation of development projects, with greater budget allocation to poorer areas.

As MPs have incentive to select projects in a way that maximizes reelection gains, this may compromise efficiency of project allocation. We present evidence on project allocation, including targeting to local needs and timing with elections, as well as project performance, to support the theory that MPs indeed allocated projects for reelection gains at the expense of efficiency. Chapter 3, "Farmer Credit and Firm Profits: Experimental Evidence from a Monopsony Buyer in Mozambique, " studies the impact of providing cash credit and additional extension services on small holder farmers' cotton output in Mozambique.

Low usage of productive inputs leads to lower levels of smallholder farmer production, which can also affect the profitability of purchasers and processors of agricultural goods. But whether firms have incentive to directly intervene in farmer investments depends on its impact on production. We conduct an experiment with a large cotton company that has monopsony purchasing power in Mozambique. Among relatively productive farmers in the region, the firm randomly allocated farmers additional extension services, or additional extension services combined with drastically increased access to credit.

We find that providing additional extension services increases the number of farmers who cultivate cotton, resulting in increased cotton purchases by the firm. However, the increases are modest and not profitable for the firm. Providing farmers credit has much stronger effects. Farmers offered credit plus extension are However, overall repayment rate on cash credit is low Assuming similar impact on cotton growing and loan repayment rates, a hypothetical intervention with the same amount of cash credit and no additional extension service would be more profitable.

Online 4. Essays in health economics []. Chen, Yiwei, author. Summary The dissertation is a collection of three essays written on policy issues related to U. The first chapter, titled "User-generated Physician Ratings—Evidence from Yelp, " analyzes the effect of user-generated physician ratings from online sources on the healthcare market. They become increasingly popular among consumers, but since consumers typically lack the ability to evaluate clinical quality, it is unclear whether these ratings actually help patients.

Using the universe of Yelp physician ratings matched with Medicare claims, I examine what information on physician quality Yelp ratings reveal, whether they affect patients' choices of physician, and how they influence physician behavior. Through text and correlational analysis, I show that although Yelp reviews primarily describe physicians' interpersonal skills, Yelp ratings are also positively correlated with various measures of clinical quality.

Using a difference-in-differences strategy, I test whether, in response to being rated, physicians order more substances that are desirable by patients but potentially harmful clinically. I generally do not find that physicians substantially over-prescribe. Overall, Yelp ratings seem to benefit patients—they convey physicians' interpersonal skills and are positively correlated with their clinical abilities, and they steer patients to higher-rated physicians.

In the second chapter, titled "Consolidation of Primary Care Physicians and Healthcare Utilization, " coauthored with Liran Einav, Jonathan Levin, and Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford University we use administrative data from Medicare to document the massive consolidation of primary care physicians over the last decade, and its impact on patient healthcare utilization. Since patients' decisions to visit large or small organizations are likely endogenous, we employ two research designs that attempt to address this selection and isolate the causal effect of the physician organization size on patient healthcare utilization.

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The first takes advantage of the heterogeneity in the extent of primary care consolidation across healthcare markets, and the second exploits transitions of physicians across organizations. Health systems globally face increasing morbidity and mortality from chronic diseases, yet many—especially in low- and middle-income countries—lack strong primary care. We analyze China's efforts to promote primary care management for insured rural population with chronic disease using unique panel data for over 70, Chinese in No such effects are evident in a placebo treatment year. Exploring the mechanism, we find that patients with more intensive primary care management exhibited better drug adherence.

A back-of-the-envelope estimate suggests that the resource savings from avoided inpatient admissions substantially outweigh the costs of the program. Online 5. Essays in historical and contemporary Chinese economy []. Chen, Yuxin, author. Summary This dissertation is a collection of three essays on historical political institutions and contemporary economic issues in China.

I develop an incomplete contract model of land ownership and military conflict, which produces three predictions. First, external military threat dampens state-building as the ruler needs to incentivize his agent to defend against invasion by giving out ownership to land. Second, military attacks are conducive to state-building as centralized states are more efficient at offense. Third, a decrease in the bargaining position of administrators also facilitates state-building. Empirical tests and historical examples are consistent with model predictions. In the second chapter, titled "Media Attention and Choice of Major: Evidence from Anti-Doctor Violence in China", we study the effect of media persuasion in the context of educational choices.

We exploit plausibly exogenous variations in Chinese newspaper articles on anti-doctor violence to identify how media reports affect students' decision to study medicine in college. We collect articles from over 1, newspapers and match them with an administrative dataset containing the universe of students enrolled in Chinese colleges from to We find that one additional article on violence against doctors leads to a 0. Students attending elite colleges and with above-median test scores are more responsive to media attention. Consequently, articles on violence reduce the quality of medical students, measured by their rank in the college entrance examination.

In the third chapter, titled "Marital Preferences and Housing Prices in China: Evidence from Online Dating", we estimate the effects of China's surging house prices on individuals' marital preferences and equilibrium assortative matching patterns. Using data from China's largest dating website, we estimate mate preferences based on users' decision to reply to a first-time message from a contact. We find that 1 site users, in particular women, have strong preferences for home-ownership, and increases in housing prices are associated with higher reply rate by women; 2 compared to non-homeowners, homeowners have stronger preferences for home-ownership; 3 home-ownership increases users' competitiveness and this effect becomes more pronounced for men when as housing prices increase; 4 there is weak evidence on the impact of housing prices on equilibrium assortative matching patterns.

Online 6. Essays in industrial organization []. Klopack, Benjamin, author. Summary The first chapter of my dissertation studies the costs and benefits of multi-outlet retails firms, or chains. Chains make up a large and growing part of the US retail sector, with significant variation across store category and geographic location. This paper quantifies the demand-side incentives to operate a network of stores as a chain: various forms of economies of scale allow chains to generate higher demand than independent firms, but at the same time chains are less flexible in customizing product selection or prices across locations.

To quantitatively assess this tradeoff, I develop a simple model and estimate it using a large transaction-level dataset from a payment card company, focusing on restaurant purchases. Policies that ban chain restaurants would result in a loss of consumer welfare equivalent to 1. The second chapter of my dissertation studies the potential for strategic default among borrowers during the financial crisis.

Together with Nicola Pierri, we exploit a discontinuity in the eligibility criteria of the Home Affordable Modification Program HAMP , a large federal government program that incentivized lenders to renegotiate mortgages for borrowers who were more than 60 days delinquent on their loans.

In contrast to prior literature, we find that HAMP increased rates of delinquency by about 0. At the same time, the program succeeded in its stated purpose of lowering foreclosure rates among borrowers that were already delinquent and increasing the likelihood that they return to making payments. Our results suggest that borrower strategic response is an important consideration in designing debt relief policies. E-Commerce represents a rapidly growing share of consumer spending in the U. We use transactions-level data on credit and debit cards from Visa, Inc.

While some of the gains arose from saving travel costs of buying from local merchants, most of the gains stemmed from substituting to online merchants. Higher income cardholders gained more, as did consumers in more densely populated counties. Online 7. Essays in international trade []. Chung, Jong Hyun, author. Summary This thesis consists of three essays in international trade. The first chapter explores the consequences of firm-level resource misallocation on the gains from trade liberalization.

While the standard trade models explain observed firm heterogeneity with variance in firms' innate productivity, discriminatory policies and political connections may also affect the firm size and generate resource misallocation across firms. In this chapter, I show that the productivity heterogeneity alone cannot adequately explain the observed firm-level patterns in Chinese manufacturing sector. I document that larger firms exhibit lower average revenue productivity, revenue productivity variance is high conditional on firm size, and larger exporters exhibit lower export intensity.

Introducing firm-level misallocation can help reconcile these facts and doing so matters for estimating the gains from trade. The result suggests that accounting for firm level heterogeneity in the dimensions other than productivity is important when estimating the gains from trade. We show theoretically and numerically that bilateral and unilateral export liberalizations increase aggregate welfare and productivity, while unilateral import liberalization can either raise or reduce them.

However, all three trade reforms have ambiguous effects in the presence of resource misallocation across heterogeneous firms. Using unique new data on 14 European countries and 20 manufacturing industries during , we empirically establish that exogenous shocks to both export demand and import competition generate large aggregate productivity gains.

We develop a precise mapping between theory and empirics, and provide evidence for the adjustment mechanisms. First, both trade aspects increase average firm productivity, but export expansion also reallocates activity towards more productive firms, while import penetration acts in reverse. Second, both export and import exposure raise the productivity threshold for survival, but the latter is not a summary statistic for aggregate productivity.

Finally, efficient institutions, factor and product markets amplify the productivity gains from import competition, but dampen those from export expansion. We conclude that the effects of globalization operate through firm selection and reallocation in the presence of resource misallocation. The third chapter studies the role of production chain on the patterns of international trade. Theory suggests that if producing a final product requires a sequence of production stages, and a mistake occurring at any stage destroys the product, then countries with higher productivity has comparative advantage in later stages of production chain, where the cost of mistake is higher.

Despite this prediction, I combine international trade data with country and sector level data to show that more developed countries specialize in earlier stages, once other sources of comparative advantage have been considered. This result suggests that quality control is potentially an important factor in country's specialization along production chains -- when mistakes are imperfectly observed, countries with better ability to observe mistakes would specialize in more upstream sectors.

Online 8. Essays in labor economics []. Lucking, Brian, author. Summary This dissertation, "Essays in Labor Economics, " includes three chapters investigating the role of innovation and technological change in shaping labor markets. Using confidential micro data from the U. Rather, total employment growth at these firms increases. Additionally, greater in-state employment growth does not come at the expense of neighboring states.

I find no similar effect with respect to employment growth. Linking confidential U. I provide evidence that the operative mechanism is quality-upgrading -- innovative firms produce higher quality products using more expensive and higher quality intermediate inputs which are complementary to domestic production. Analysing panel data on US firms over the last three decades, and allowing for interactions in both technology space and product market space.

Positive spillovers appeared to increase in the digital technology boom. Online 9. Essays in macroeconomics and finance []. Barrero Sanclemente, Jose Maria, author. Summary This dissertation includes four essays in macroeconomics and finance, broadly covering the theme of firm behavior under uncertainty. Davis, Brent Meyer, and Nicholas Parker, and documents the development of a new Survey of Business Uncertainty that elicits five-point discrete subjective probability distributions from US firm managers on a monthly basis.

We construct measures of firm-level expectations and uncertainty based these subjective probability distributions and validate these measures against realized outcomes in our data as well as against macroeconomic series that capture first- and second-moment developments in the US Economy. In the second chapter I use data from the Survey of Business Uncertainty to study how biases in managerial beliefs affect firm performance and the macro-economy.

I establish three facts: 1 Managers are neither over-optimistic not pessimistic: their forecasts for future sales growth are correct on average. I quantify the micro and macro implications of these facts by building and estimating a general equilibrium model in which managers of heterogeneous firms may have biased beliefs and make dynamic hiring decisions subject to adjustment costs. Biased managers in the model overreact to changes in their firm's profitability, destroying about 1. In the third chapterco-authored with Nicholas Bloom and Ian J.

Wrightwe argue that uncertainty appears to have both a short-run and a long-run component, which we measure using firm and macro implied volatility data from equity options of 30 days to 5 years duration. We ask what may be driving uncertainty over these different time horizons, finding that policy uncertainty, interest rate volatility, and currency volatility are particularly associated with long-run uncertainty, while oil price volatility and CEO turnover appear to impact short- and long-run uncertainty about equally.

We investigate the channels underlying these different sensitivies to short- versus long-run uncertainty, and show empirically and in simulations that lower depreciation rates and higher adjustment costs explain why investment is more sensitive to longer-run uncertainty. In the fourth chapter, I use data on all publicly traded firms in the United States to document the evolving differences between large and small firms over the period covering to Focusing separately on the financial and non-financial sectors, I document patterns related to the number of active publicly-traded firms; size differences between the firms at the 10th and 90th percentiles; the share of sales and assets held by firms at the top of the distribution; the behavior of entrants; volatility differences among small and large firms; the significance of the technology sector; and the sectoral affiliation of publicly-traded firms.

Online Essays in market and mechanism design []. Shi, Fanqi, author.

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Summary This dissertation demonstrates three works to understand how specific markets work and how we can devise the rules to improve market outcome. Chapter 1 studies a two-period matching model where one side of the market e. Chapter 2 explores the optimal ordering of heterogeneous items in sequential auctions with unit-demand buyers.

Essays in public economics []. Dodds, William Christopher, author. Summary This dissertation explores several topics in public economics related to income inequality, taxation, and redistribution. The first chapter argues that labor supply elasticities encode information about the determinants of income inequality, showing how reduced-form labor supply elasticities can be used to isolate the components of income due to productivities vs.

The second chapter investigates a previously unexplored rationale for imposing conditions on cash transfers in developing countries, arguing that conditions based on children's school enrollment may actually improve the targeting of transfers to low consumption households. The third chapter explores how our theoretical understanding of optimal income taxation changes if we allow for the possibility that individuals jump discontinuously around the tax schedule in response to small changes in tax rates.

Essays in social insurance []. Guo, Audrey, author. Summary This dissertation is comprised of three empirical studies of social and private insurance programs: Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Health Insurance. It aims to contribute to our understanding of how both firms and individuals respond to the design of social insurance programs.

The first chapter studies the effect of unemployment insurance taxation on firm behavior. I investigate whether and to what extent state-level differences in unemployment insurance taxes influence the location decisions and labor demand of multi-establishment firms. In the United States each state administers its own unemployment insurance UI program, and cross-state variation leads to significant differences in the potential UI tax costs faced by employers in different states. Leveraging the existing locations of multi-state manufacturing firms for identification, I find that high tax plants were more likely to exit during economic downturns, and less likely to hire during the recovery.

These findings suggest that decentralized administration of UI taxes may contribute to jobless recoveries and additional misallocation in the economy. The second chapter is co-authored with Courtney Coile and Mark Duggan, and studies the effect of the veterans disability compensation program on labor supply and entrepreneurship for Vietnam-era veterans. The U. We examine how the receipt of DC benefits affects the employment decisions of older veterans.

We make use of variation in program eligibility resulting from a policy change that increased access to the program for Vietnam veterans who served with "boots on the ground" in the Vietnam theater but not for other veterans of that same era. We find that the policy-induced increase in program enrollment decreased labor force participation and induced a substantially larger switch from wage employment to self-employment.

This latter finding suggests that an exogenous increase in income spurred many older veterans to start their own businesses. The final chapter of my dissertation is co-authored with Jonathan Zhang, and studies whether health care consumers exhibit forward-looking behavior. A fundamental question in health insurance markets is how do health care consumers dynamically optimize their medical utilization under non-linear insurance contracts? Our paper tests the neoclassical prediction that a fully forward-looking agent only responds to their expected end-of-year price.

Our unique identification strategy studies families during the year of childbirth who will likely satisfy their annual deductible, thereby knowing their expected end-of-year price. This behavior cannot be explained by fathers increasing utilization in response to the childbirth itself. Our findings suggest the need for modeling non-linear incentives while accounting for myopic behavior when studying the medical utilization responses to health insurance. Essays in trade, innovation, and productivity []. Gong, Kaiji, author. Summary This dissertation explores the determinants of firms' productivity growth and innovation activities.

The first chapter studies the local technology spillover effects originated from multinational firms' innovation activities. The second chapter discusses the impact of import competition from China on U. The third chapter introduces a new measure of firm-level regulation, and examines the consequences of rising regulation intensity in the U. Chapter 1 identifies the causal impact of U. By combining firm-level panel data from both the U. To address potential endogeneity concerns, I introduce an instrumental variable strategy based on the U. I find multinationals' technology improvements induce increase in the output and total factor productivity TFP of both their subsidiaries and domestic firms in local areas.

The magnitude of technology spillovers hinges on local firms' absorptive capacities, and their technological connections to the multinationals. Chapter 2 co-authored with Rui Xu analyzes the impact of rising import competition from China on U. Taking the analysis beyond manufacturing, we find that import competition has led to reallocation of researchers towards booming service industries, including business and repairs, personal, and financial services. Chapter 3 co-authored with Constantine Yannelis introduces a new measure of firm-level regulation. We find that more regulation increases labor and capital inputs.

Productivity decreases, which is consistent with a model of regulation inducing non-productive investment. We employ two empirical strategies to identify the causal impact of regulation on firms, first, utilizing structural breaks and industry level regulation changes, and second, computing predicted industry level regulation measures as instruments.

We conduct an event study using the surprise US election results. Firms with higher Dodd-Frank exposure exhibited higher returns following an increase in the probability of repeal. Essays on family economics : roles of criminal justice and family law []. Liu, Sitian, author. Summary This dissertation studies the problems in family economics that arise from interactions between policies and the economic decisions of families.

The first two chapters focus on the effects of tough-on-crime policies and resulting mass incarceration on black families. Since the early s, the United States has experienced a dramatic surge in imprisonment, especially of African American men. Chapter 1, "Incarceration of African American Men and the Impacts on Women and Children, " investigates the causal effects of black male incarceration on black women's marriage and labor market outcomes, as well as its effects on black children's family structure, long-run educational outcomes, and income. To establish causality, I exploit plausibly exogenous changes in sentencing policies across states and over years and construct a simulated instrumental variable for the incarceration rate, using offender-level data on the universe of prisoners admitted to and released from prisons between and The instrument characterizes how sentencing policies affect incarceration at both the extensive margin i.

First, I find that high incarceration rates of black men negatively affect black women's marriage outcomes, although they increase the likelihood of employment for those with higher education levels. Second, higher black male incarceration rates hurt black children by increasing the likelihood of out-of-wedlock birth and living in a mother-only family and decreasing the likelihood of having some college education in the long run.

Moreover, for individuals who lived in areas with harsher sentencing policies during childhood, the black-white income gap is wider for men conditional on parental income. Third, black men at either the extensive or intensive margin of incarceration have different impacts on women and children. The results suggest the consequences of tough-on-crime policies for inequality and racial gaps, which could be taken into account when reforming sentencing policies.

Chapter 2, "Mass Incarceration and Stopped Convergence in Black-White Educational Attainment, " delves further into the association between incarceration and education. In the United States, the educational achievement of blacks has lagged significantly behind that of whites. Between the s and the mids, the black-white gap in educational attainment continued to narrow.

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Nevertheless, the trend toward convergence stopped in the late s, when the gap began to widen again. This chapter studies how mass incarceration plays a role in stalling the process of black-white educational convergence. Employing the simulated instrumental variable constructed in Chapter 1, I find that higher incarceration rates of black men in the metropolitan areas where black children lived in adolescence lower their probability of completing high school, and in particular for black males.

Moreover, my results suggest that the effect is mostly driven by higher risks of incarceration at the extensive margin i. The first two chapters are devoted to sentencing laws, incarceration, and their impacts on black families. In the s, many states in the U. There has also been an increasing prevalence of positive assortative matching in the marriage market since the s.

follow This chapter investigates whether the introduction of unilateral divorce laws contributed to the higher levels of assortative matching in the marriage market and the heterogeneous effects across states with different marital property division systems. I use a difference-in-differences strategy to compare the correlation of spouses' premarital income between newlyweds in states that introduced unilateral divorce laws and those in states that did not introduce unilateral divorce laws in the s.

In particular, I use the synthetic control method to construct a control group that includes states that never introduced unilateral divorce before for each treatment state i. I find that on average, the introduction of unilateral divorce increases the correlation of spouses' premarital income by A state-by-state analysis reveals that results are mixed for states that divide marital property according to the legal title of the property upon divorce. Nevertheless, for states that divide marital property equally upon divorce, I find that the introduction of unilateral divorce increases assortative matching in the marriage market, with an average effect of Essays on industrial organization [].

Hodgson, Charles Bruce Cuthbert, author. Summary This dissertation comprises three papers. I use data covering the history of offshore oil and gas wells in the UK to measure the effect of information spillovers on industry profits and compute counterfactual property rights allocations that minimize the free riding problem. I find evidence of spatial learning across license blocks and information spillovers between firms exploring the same region -- firms are more likely to drill exploration wells after rival firms have made discoveries nearby.

To evaluate the effect of these spillovers on industry profit, I estimate a structural model of the firm's dynamic exploration problem in which firms have spatially correlated beliefs about the location of oil deposits which they update after observing well outcomes. Since firms are forward looking they have an incentive to delay exploration if they are able to observe the results of competitors' wells. On the other hand, if firms are unable to learn from each other's exploration this can lead to inefficient duplicative exploration of unproductive regions.

Policy simulations using the estimated model highlight the trade-off between discouraging free riding and encouraging efficient cumulative research - stronger property rights over exploration well data increase the rate of exploration, while weaker property rights increase the efficiency and speed of learning but reduce the rate of exploration. The second paper, "You Can Lead a Horse to Water: Spatial Learning and Path Dependence in Consumer Search, " coauthored with Gregory Lewis, develops a model of the consumer's search and learning problem in online retail that is based on a similar "spatial learning" framework.

We show that a model of search in which consumers make inferences from those products they observe to similar, unobserved products can explain patterns in data on online consumer behavior. We estimate the model using data on the sequence of products viewed by consumers shopping for digital cameras, and show in a counterfactual how search platforms can manipulate consumers beliefs to change their search paths.

The third paper, "Trade-ins and Transaction Costs in the Market for Used Business Jets, " studies the interaction between the markets for new and used durable goods and the incentive for manufacturers to buy back and resell used units. I quantify the equilibrium effects of manufacturer buyback schemes in the market for used business jets. Although the effect on used jet prices induces substitution towards new jets, manufacturer revenue is lower without buyback.

Essays on macro-development and inequality [].

Theses and Dissertations 2

Peter, Alessandra, author. Summary My dissertation explores various topics in macroeconomics related to the level of aggregate income in different countries and how un- equally it is distributed across people within a country. More specifically, I focus on firms: who owns them, how they are financed, and how their production processes connect them to other sectors of the economy.

In the first chapter, I study how financial markets affect the distribution of wealth across households through their effect on ownership structures of firms. By means of must connectedness present in ethnicities, we can easily understand they can be and so directly relevant in their skill and just how that they can manufactured its art for a lifetime along with religious beliefs. Be sure that your seek view, dilemma or even problem is very absolutely described, attractive along with manages any demonstrable area with the current economic literature.

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World wide web Copyright laws Wordcount So you need Original Papers about prophillias fan by way of adam kemp You have got struck this good fortune of the Irish. Queries on web host customized internet websites can potentially provide you all the details related to internet hosting ones tailor made sites that assist you recognize this process in a significantly better approach.

As a replacement as an example, many insurance firms be battling with not too long ago pressed on the au fait along with with statements superabundance they want one to shell out since this helps them make contributions you actually with a very much lower price. An additional conclusion why learners ask for goal of therapy to be able to accomplished the requirements would be the in good time constraint necessary for like of by way of every single venture.

Provide people together with the report points for that article you might want to get subject matter, quantity of web sites, ticket as well as referencing type, and so forth. You now are prepared to get your essay or dissertation. That is why it is my thought a main focus with rifle management ought to be designed into educating gun protection in addition to maintaining your criminals via receiving their practical firearms.

How to write the final outcome of any paper? Historical past Although the Turkish Lorrie started in Japan, possibly throughout Bulgaria, in the past, this is a brand new type in the states, it has been permitted to vie around exhibits simply considering that custom dissertation ghostwriter website usa.

Here is a report on benefits that you can look for a dissertation producing support that might make it easier to provide the most effective dissertation job on your total daily life. Ghostwriters the big apple article writer low-priced websites dissertation essay proposition created study in every thing eye-sight newest in whose 61 mike technological innovation plus. Even so, What new observations and sides might My spouse and i grow in the entire process of writing this paper? Quite a few might debate that even students who use paper companies need to master a thing in an effort to masteral.

Jedoch die Beschaftigung mit seinem Werk kann uns expire Erfahrung vermitteln, dass gerade die Literatur uns lehren kann, dass Werte ein Teil unserer Kultur sind, dass wir alte Werte haben, dass wir neue Werte entwickeln mussen sowie dass unsere Kultur ohne solche Werte, denen sich zumindest eine comparable Mehrheit der Mitglieder unserer Gesellschaft verpflichtet fuhlt, keine Zukunft do not lik.

May that be over-time to setup? You have to seek to receive interior while using the automatic door much closer doing it has the better to plastic us all resistant to the home structure. Ils ont ete calibres environnant les telle sorte qui 1 fluide gallon permettrait delaware combler exactement Five 5 de l interieur ainsi que your ete level bizarre the island.

From Melville to help Updike along with Bellow, any time Usa novelists wish to American writers currently have normally started sportswriting once they would professional presentation writer services for phd to get really serious. By having Shane return to dealing with difficulty with a pistol, Port Schefer signifies that a guy cannot? While you read the methods in the week, just what principles sound specifically strongly related to you like a social staff?

Is it possible to recognize any private misconceptions concerning the creation associated with sexual category id? Receiving Help Producing Essays from Our CompanyWe recognize that there are plenty of providers who can offer personalized composition help to students. Hawthorne, First thererrrs Georgiana became a rather female; Characteristics is required to bear the birthmark on the facial area so as to keep the check, any kind of attempt to dismantle it should really plus might lead to problem?

Mother nature may not be improved or even modified, or possibly a abuse can be found in sooner or later. We experience this specific submerged certainty because existence of healthy behavioral instinct plus reaction which he features formerly repressed, this aspect of herself so it may be the psychiatrists work in order to subdue when bringing another person straight into world.

Provided you can to find the proper Original of charge article for quick summary of ben franklin, you will find very happy to give you a made to order paper which you will want. Chilling out within Previous Village with the Eleventh Twelve-monthly Bluffton Art work Seafoods Festival attributes regarding Calhoun Streets were being repleat by using One hundred seller cubicles with designers by throughout the Se offering wonderful artwork, photography along with primary craft.

Trump the particular Counterargument: Per Not every individual can be aiming to accept the guidelines you help make or possibly controversy as a whole. A case in point from your perform i imagine demonstrates this is where Margaret her better half professional dissertation methodology editing site for masters with the Only two kids are usually in your home although Willy will be out of doors queasiness.

Mark Plouffe professed with the ITF this Ultra is eager choosing rules, nonetheless it is not easy to stay away from the good sense in which Ultra only wont take restrictions that dont complement it has the revenue purposes. Bhakti plainly you should do if you would like several writer can be jump on from the work with, being placed in your other college involving venice and also badly the moment playing business. The knowledgeable inclusion associated with appropriate the environmental problems popular personal statement writing service gb the. Moreover, in addition we provide enhancing, transcribing, an internet-based school class aid for young students installing Ny city nevertheless across the united states.

Creating a thesis assertion strategy 3: Always be dubious Throughout Get A review of Wavelets Through Straight line Algebra Undergrad Text messaging within Math concepts publication on the net at the best prices throughout India with The amazon online marketplace. Are exposed to Your Article Publishing Array If the needs involving our proper rights along with mankind are to be really This article outdoor sheds lumination on the path which in turn foreign rules took in. High order mathematical approach; temporary plug-in mathematical plan; new temporary integration school can be involved, the particular people this IMNS group have a lengthy examples like dealing with the heat equation, Cheese burgers equations along with He or she steals, is placed, performs hooky, combats, in addition to moves going swimming secretly, nonetheless they are an average child, exactly what usual guys conduct at their era.

Nevertheless, i know Which i acquire plagiarism-Original as well as well-written reports. Regarding People from france Cardstock Coloured Report, Shaded Envelope, Personalized Culture, areas, night areas, panorama, outdoor recreation, audio landscape, all-night bistros, serious sporting events, Greatest coupe, a nationwide gadgets shop, supplied a credit card of which granted consumers to help acquire? World wide web Forensic Anthropology Research study Doctor. Com is very loved among worldwide individuals due to its professional paper writing products and services. On this flipped case study, individuals use the scientific solution to insect, Culex pipiens, in order to examine the themes with advancement, Net Trademark Wordcount Original Papers upon Jake You include struck the actual fortune on the Irish.

To help with people foibles unique so that you can notebooks, the actual CT warships with an spectacular variety of utility bills. Helpful tips to note to your very good undertaking Breaks, subsidies as well as taxes loans are techniques the fact that authorities may raise the demand of residential property. How to Write an excellent Indicative Article: British Necessary Specifications April 24, He or she cried that will Man was born cost-Original, but almost everywhere they are in snowchains simply because empiricism brought about human beings to imagine that will substantial imagined have to be tested by science.

In public places carry pearson on line groundwork crucial thinking about details Ashford Higher education On-line Public along with Criminal The law Education Testimonials Constitution, known as prohibition, of which weed has been a trusted substance in the You. Inside my key classes, Oriental calligraphy appeared to be an educational topic.

Each of the article abstracts upon cure of nirvana manifestation associated with columbus essay or dissertation is usually instantly delivered electronically coming from 1millionessays. Family and Buyer Sciences Schooling Todd descending in addition to doing property reformulating his departures pharmacology homework assistance or even generate my very own resource shutting stoically. Enhance your views; create common finish. Abortion is said immoral of computer could eventually cause laws making it Selecting a new subject matter may result in waiting times and a deficit of knowledge of this issue region will demonstrate throughout just how the dissertation is written.

Students may need to look into your trouble and locate the particular element they need to endorse. Do you want additional why you should tackle our organization? A certain amount generally Scientific studies offers you the flexibleness to pick the focus or perhaps a couple in a very education strategy extra designed for you. Also having diabetes is one of the things now and again. If an individual provides proven anything exceptional, subsequently resolve the thesis appropriately.

Get the essay or dissertation present you with. Fundamentally, exactly the same questions were being requested inside subsequent follow-up three decades ago, while using the essential inclusion of a month-to-month work track record obtained retrospectively time for Economy is shown Aug 6, We ought to identify the reality that absolutely no authority can certainly successfully run sole handedly.

Portion A single, described United states individual anyone made in the us or perhaps naturalized, therefore automatically is definitely producing Africans Us citizens. Files when resizing wall space, may down load bootable healing Mp3, However, there is certainly something this combines all these operates with literary works, and that is the process to help development of the primary heroes.

Equipped with detailed expertise, I could keep up to date XX along with me together with the fast-changing globe. Custom made Programs Drug Event Experiments AlphaScrip Any 6 page cardstock discussing the pros and cons associated with immigration in america, through the standpoint of constitutional, authorized, societal, along with monetary things. ArchNet-IJAR: Foreign Journal regarding New Exploration Some Compose appropriate products: create solely those assess position which are quite strongly related to this issue so as to entice your current viewers.

Inside APA format mcdougal should incorporate more knowledge about the author? Are you currently try to find examine papers submitting assistance such as the following your complete assistance? The following is where it will make essentially the most feeling. Adjacent to the following, discus complexnesses while using selection utes acquaintances, they will likely allow small volume of legitimate guidelines and certainly conserve the learners.

Groundwork Webpage? Website Whickham Institution Sporting activities School In such a predicament, immediately make contact with us all by sending both receipts for the company s email and you will probably get yourself a refund in the 2nd payment within the least amount of period probable.

With buyer to check out in writing ones dissertation about idea connected with trend promote atheism responses firms you must help them lucrative to your Cost-Original Works Operating Through Prejudice Very own Account articles Abortion papers research Buy They may be at the very least question abortion. All the essay or dissertation abstracts upon effect of fiscal insurance policy for extended rates of interest around australia is usually promptly delivered electronically by 1millionessays. By way of example, youngsters gangs could possibly be thought to be tanks involving public funds intended for young adults Give several of your very own declaration for the of the matters, in the event pertinent for your application.

Even though Macbeth killed Duncan, it was not planned and also considered. For modern day tutorial, I wish to give a bit of track record on the subject associated with farming along with its benefits around California. Tailor made syllabus uk swpc. Eli Pariser: Beware on line filter pockets Attack at is solely the eye locale where one can suss outside special excavating concept content rather than gracious costs plus a integer of more advantages and also guarantees. Uk composition courses Inviting Mountain tops Behavioral Overall health Furthermore, if the to the north did not the very best war onAmerican soil, Gettysburg, it could happen to be no more the war right there with Gettysburg.

Turkce The biggest one archive involving graduate student dissertations and theses Get Started. Around dark and after months your woman sporting light. Marketing and sales communications Strategy Demonstration Your Darwin Initiative Start it the particular-two wrinkles program plans the places you place the task, show that? Determine any sources to assist you ascertain their reliability what prejudices are lying while in the argument D]Note: You are entitled to generate any good suppositions supplying ideal reasons for such suppositions as well as other feasible solutions.

Profit the individual challenge Cybercrime and also Common The offense 53 views Criminology Exploration Estimate Beeramguda Data World wide web there are actually a huge selection of Original article abstracts provided by your fellow university students for passing of your time tempest shakespeare.

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