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When a close blood relative is killed brutally, the immediate family is angry and wants revenge at any cost. However, after a few years, there is only a sad feeling and the idea of revenge is lost in most cases. In other words, time is the best healer and people simply move on. This is not to say that the perpetrator of the crime should go scot-free.

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Rather, he or she should be given punishment that is rational, moral and just. Some proponents of death penalty argue that it is hard for the victim's family to know that the killer is alive and will be cared for by the society Royko, Are they going to get closure by killing the killer?

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Definitely not because irrespective of what happens to the killer, the victim is never going to come back to life. Further, the reasoning behind death penalty is that the criminal should suffer the last few seconds just like his victim.

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The ideologies of deterrence never hold good as is being seen in our society. Though death penalty has existed for centuries in the US, it has not deterred individuals from committing a heinous crime. As rightly pointed by Quindlen no date, p. Our most profound emotional response is to want criminals to suffer as the victims did. When a man is accused of throwing a child a high-rise terrace, my emotional response is that he should be given an opportunity to see how endless the seconds are from the 31st floor to the ground.

In a civilized society, that will never happen. And so what many people want from the death penalty, they will never get. Therefore, this is yet another reason to abolish death penalty.

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The US Supreme Court and the society as a whole should reflect the shared values and the growing maturity of the society. Awarding capital punishment is a cruel way to punish someone and it goes against the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. Moreover, death sentences are final and irreversible and for these reasons, courts should rule in favor of life imprisonment. In fact, as a country death penalty should be abolished simply because it is barbaric. While criminals should be punished for the good of the society, it does not have to be by way of death. Life imprisonment will give the same amount of retribution and deterrence as well and this is why it is a more appropriate form of punishment.

In short, death penalty is barbaric from a moral, legal and ethical standpoint. Therefore, it should be abolished immediately.

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Introduction Death penalty is an age-old punishment where a crime is punished by death. Is Death Penalty Justified? References No author. The Bill of Rights. The Library of Congress. Quindlin, Anna. Death Penalty's False Promise. Awareness of Audience No date. A Vote for Capital Punishment. The News and Courier. September 29, The Death Penalty. New Republic.

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college essays on the death penalty College essays on the death penalty
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college essays on the death penalty College essays on the death penalty

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