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AE R Agricultural Extension and Communication 3 cr : Principles, strategies, philosophies and theories of extension education and rural communication and their implications in agricultural extension programs and evaluation of extension programs. AE R Modeling and Theory Building in Social Science 3 cr : Characteristics and general aims of science and scientific methods; basic concepts of modeling and theory buildings; structure and formats of theory; identification and analysis of programs; and strategies for developing a scientific body of knowledge.

Youth programs in Bangladesh; and problems and prospects of women and youth development.

AE R Monitoring and Evaluation of. AE R Special Problems Credit to be arranged but not more than 3 cr : Investigation of special problems not related to a thesis problem as assigned by the Major Professor.

Theses and Dissertations (Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development)

AE R Sociology and Anthropology of Agriculture 3 cr : Nature and meaning of sociology and anthropology of development with special reference to agricultural development; application of theories and concepts to the problems of development; contemporary issues and problems of development; genesis of agriculture, gender issues, kinship relationship; and methodology of anthropological study and case study of ethnic group. AE R Project Planning and Develop- ment in Agricultural Extension 3 cr : Concepts of project, its goals and objec- tives; analysis of major steps in designing, planning, and implementation of a project; appraisal and evaluation of project.

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AE R Group Dynamics and Leadership 3 cr : Introduction to group dynamics; causes of group failure; theory of action; internal and external dynamics of groups; group participation; problem solving steps in tackling group problems; identification of target groups. Concept of leadership; the leader and the group; functions, skills and style of leadership; leadership in organization. AE R Project Preparation and Management 3 cr : Conceptual framework of a project; project management environment in Bangladesh; project processing procedures; project executive agencies in Bangladesh; monitoring and evaluation of project; factors affecting project schedule and cost effectiveness.

AE R Philosophy of Rural Development 3 cr : Analysis of theories, philosophies and strategies for rural development programs at national, regional and global levels; role of NGOs in rural development.

An inclusive financial system is one that creates economic opportunities Khumalo, Temndeni Amnestantia University of Pretoria , This study uses data from Swaziland to test whether variations in local agro-ecological regions levels of drought susceptibility and other socioeconomic factors significantly determine farmer selected drought coping and Hurter, Tineil University of Pretoria , Labels primary information claiming the meat is Free-Range, Inclusive Businesses IBs are considered to be an essential tool for reducing rural poverty and stimulating overall development.

These businesses are described as sustainable and equitable commercial operations that Chimaliro, Aubrey Victor University of Pretoria , The study primarily focuses on analysing the extent of soybean price volatility in Malawi.

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The interest in the study was triggered by the findings from literature noting soybean prices in Malawi as being particularly Chronic food and nutrition insecurity in Africa persists amid high rates of poverty and malnutrition. The cumulative effect of protracted conflicts, economic decline, extreme weather events and the erosion of livelihoods Adebayo, Thomas Temilolu University of Pretoria , The specific objectives of the NPFS project were to foster the Sifundza, Sandile Bongani University of Pretoria , Sugarcane farming is one of the most important agricultural enterprises in South Africa and most of the people working in the agricultural sector are employed in the sugar industry.

Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development: Theses and Dissertations

Sugarcane farmers and sugar mills Ntombela, Sifiso Mboneni University of Pretoria , The South African government has committed under the Paris Agreement to mitigate the growing emissions by 42 percent below the business-as-usual scenario in A carbon tax is one of the policy tools used to mitigate Nenngwekhulu, Ndidzulafhi University of Pretoria , Small-scale farmers are often unable to profitably participate in agricultural output markets due to the challenges engendered by their inability to access agricultural market information.

The main horticulture output Mushamba, Munashe University of Pretoria , This study employs data from Harare, Zimbabwe, to assess the extent that unreliable domestic water supply challenges differentially affects households in high-density residential areas. Data are relative to those in Moobi, Masego Nelly University of Pretoria ,

Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension
thesis on agricultural extension Thesis on agricultural extension
thesis on agricultural extension Thesis on agricultural extension
thesis on agricultural extension Thesis on agricultural extension
thesis on agricultural extension Thesis on agricultural extension
thesis on agricultural extension Thesis on agricultural extension

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