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But I had already wasted too much time on thinking; I was left with little time to start fresh with a new topic. So I decided to use essay writing services for the first time. And it was a mixed bag experience for me.

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As I belong to a Southeast Asian country, I always confront hurdles while following lectures, taking notes in the class, understanding the assignment requirements. Therefore, it becomes difficult for me to cope with program requirements or keep up with the curriculum. Assignment writing adds burden to it, of course. So I decided to try assignment writing services for the first time.

Since I did not use any assignment writing services in the past, I was little skeptical about it at first. But one of my friends suggested me a name: bestessays. I went to the internet and bestessays. I scanned the homepage very carefully. The design was not much impressive, but what drew my attention was they had dedicated a section for sample essays. It took me little time to check them out. You will not find it tough to extract basic information from this site. In a minute, I was sure that this site could help me.

As I was running out of time and I had only one day left for submission, I started chatting with their customer care desk at once. After submitting the short form, the chat window opened. And a customer executive named Henry Chaplin attended me for the moment. Frankly, he was not very capable of answering all my queries. Moreover, he was taking too much time to reply. I asked him about the process of getting essay help service. Sadly, it took me some minutes to understand the whole thing.

He then forwarded me the link of the online order form which I was supposed to fill up with specific requirements. It was a long form and needed meticulous details. But I thought it would help them to understand my expectations apparently. The executive assured me that the task would be handled by an expert and delivered to me on time.

After finishing filling up the form, I was asked to confirm the order by making the payment. Thank God, they have PayPal that made my transaction secure.

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But I was not very sure about making the payment before getting the work done. I was asked to enter a discount code while placing the order and they deduced the final payable amount instantly. Cool, is it not? I was relieved at first.

But as the time passed, I was having negative thoughts all over again. But fortunately, that did not happen. I received my essay only three hours before the submission. Fortunately, I got time to review the content. Fortunate because the essay was neither formatted nor edited by the writer. and

I had to make efforts to place the title on the page, maintain a margin and double-space between sentences. I went through the written content and found a few grammatical errors and syntax mistakes in the copy.

I was lucky that I saw it first before submitting it. I will not give marks to bestessays. The essay I received was average in quality, and did not reflect any expertise. One thing I want to add to the list of things that disappoint me is that they promote no medium to contact the experts directly. But the saving grace was they delivered the order on time, and that gave me time to review the essay.

I am not good with grammar, but I did what I could while proofreading and editing the copy. To exclude any chances of plagiarism, I ran the copy under a plagiarism detector that came out almost clean. It had 1 percent plagiarism that was modified by me. The overall experience with bestessays. But I must say they saved the day for me. When I was clueless about my assignment, they gave me confidence that the task would be accomplished without much of an effort from my side.

But quality does matter after all. A few things I think bestessays. What I noticed was they lacked promptness and required knowledge. Review

Although I appreciate the fact that they are easy to contact, many students do not feel confident placing an order or talking to someone who lacks knowledge. Besides the customer support system, they also should revise their quality check policies. In my opinion, they should hire more knowledgeable and qualified experts who boast good writing skills. It will be great if they implement these suggestions in their operations.

I would like to give bestessays. But facilities like customer-friendly support, on-time delivery and discount deals had me in.

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I would give them 5 on 5 if the quality was good. I would not recommend it to anyone, but if you are in dire need of urgent assignment help, this company can help you out. Genuine reviews by the student for BestEssays. Au [rated 3. Of course, there are many writers with good English writing skills, but keep in mind that they receive the lowest payment so they aren't satisfied and motivated. This explains why many writers missed the deadline, so the clients got a poor grade for the paper.

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  • As for the positive, some clients claimed they received good quality papers on time. Indeed, there are many positive BestEssays. However, it doesn't mean that those reviews are honest. It's fact that many of clients was unhappy with the service. Reviews from Customers | Best Essays

    As for money back guarantee, well, there were cases when clients paid for papers, and requested for a refund, since they didn't even get a paper and no one responded. According to the site, refunds are rare, and if you happen to be unhappy with the paper, you must name clear and strong reasons. Only then the reviewing team will take a look at your refund request which still doesn't mean that you'll get your money. Everyone can request a refund within 72 hours after order completion. After 3 days, it's to be assumed that you're satisfied with the product and will not be eligible for any refunded amount.

    To receive free revision BestEssays. Even though they claim you'll get revisions if needed, clients said writers refused to make changes in the paper and they had to do that on their own. Whether you want to work as a writer or place an order, you should know that every site owned by this company got a bad reputation, because of obvious reasons.

    Online Writing Services Reviews from College Students

    If you want to see it for yourself, you can read BestEssays review at SiteJabber and similar sites. In fact, I suggest you do that because you will definitely have things to see. So, to sum up, the quality of papers is sometimes good and sometimes bad, and the prices are high. But, it doesn't end there. The worst part of this site is that some students had problems at the college or school. This happened when the site sold their papers through MightyStudents.

    So MightyStudents. I'm as shocked as you are. BestEssays states that they have been working since It's a lie. According to WebArchive , there was no such essay service till In addition, there are also fake review sites so be careful. I did a little research and found dozens of affiliated sites that redirect traffic to Universal Research Inc. This company is a 1 in making fake review sites, so be careful. Fake review sites mean that the company creates essay writing service review websites that are obviously scam.

    Their purpose is to present competitors by posting bad reviews about them. What's more, the owner of these sites wants to drive traffic to his own essay services by writing positive reviews about them. While this marketing strategy may seem like a smart one, it usually doesn't take too long to reveal these fake reviews. When you compare these review platforms, the first thing you'll notice is that they all praise the same sites: BestEssays. The next thing that tells you these are fake sites is that their competitors have got a bad rating and bad reviews. Finally, all of these praised essay services have the same order form.

    So, I guess the truth is you never know when you read a positive review whether it's true. Therefore, instead of focusing on positive reviews, read negative ones because you'll probably get a better picture of the site. And with all the things I just found about BestEssays.

    Review on

    It's obvious that this company is a scam, and that the owner has done and is still doing illegal practices through his "essay writing" websites. Perhaps the only good thing I can say in this BestEssays. Reselling papers is one of the most despicable things a writing service could ever do to their loyal customers. He hates the idea of companies baiting unsuspecting individuals with fraudulent services.

    Starting from school, he too, struggled to find a helping hand when it comes to writing assignments.

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