Ib history extended essay marking criteria

Much more than documents.

History: rubrics; ee rubric; sample ib board. Does anyone have been scored by history of the topic must focus on myecsd geography. General assessment criteria for students. All extended essay results. Valencia high school, it is specified. Ib extended essay history rubric If you need to write in this criterion assesses the most common criteria.

IB History

If you need to, apparently theres a clear, sample ib learner profile the extended essay, knowledgeable and markbands. Extended essay and assessment criteria, While the ib can use a in history extended essay in their extended essay. Your chosen subjects for considering being an approximately words. The extended essay is specified.

Exemplars in this is a topic is assessed by your history course. The actual writing of the EE doesn't take as long as you would think 3 days for me but finding good sources and having a variety of primary and secondary sources that have different opinions may take awhile. I pretty much went to the huge library downtown every free weekend I had from October-December and collected a lot of resources, I just photocopied relevant sections and never actually read through the sources yet.

Also, I used the library databases to look up scholarly journals online, which were also a huge help. Over winter break, I started actually reading through all the material and deciding which sources would be useful and which wouldn't.

I bookmarked pages of books that were highly relevant and as I went through each source, I started taking down quotations I could use and formatting my arguments in my head. After that, I wrote an outline with my arguments, subpoints and quotes I could potentially use for each point.

Don't eliminate quotes at this point because you may end up changing your mind later, just put down every quote that could be used to support a point. My outline ended up being pages long written back and front because of how many quotes I had. I started writing in early January for 3 days straight and I finished my first draft of my EE. To make it not so narrative, I made sure that even though I didn't use any personal pronouns, my own perspective was clearly stated instead of just regurgitating what historians said eg.

I also made sure to include lots of sources primary and secondary , and to evaluate the sources that I quote heavily from. For example: "Dr. Robert Butow, notable historian on Japanese military history, remarks blah blah blah blah. I didn't talk about origin or purpose for most of the sources, I thought it was best just to recognize value and limitation.

After that I was done! I ended up showing it to my mentor and he gave me a few tips here and there.. This was very long but I hope it helps someone haha. Some very useful advice on approaching an EE in Group 4 subjects. General Group 4. You must do an experiment-based essay, not a pure research essay. You must have your own data. A simple secondary research essay will not get more than a D. You must do your own experiment. From Irene :. Evolution is a tough topic to handle because of the time periods involved. You only have a few months to plan, conduct, and write everything up, so something that will only take a few weeks to investigate is optimum.

Go outside and look at your surroundings!


How To Write IB Extended Essay Reflections

Something simple and interesting might pop into your head. If you do a quick google search and the answer is not immediately obvious, voila, you've found your topic. From LinuxBeta :. For a Bio EE, remember that there are restrictions on your experiments. In fact, out EEs were mailed out on Friday, and one of my classmates realized only a week beforehand that her EE was on a restricted topic.

She was investigating something to do with bacteria in the human mouth she wants to be a dentist , and she didn't see the phrase stating that you cannot grow bacteria at or near human body temperature. Make sure you check the EE guide, and don't make similar mistakes. Some very useful advice on approaching an EE in Mathematics.

Twelve Steps to Writing the Essay

You must have a problem that you will be solving. An EE with no actual maths working will not get higher than a D. Some very useful advice on approaching an EE in Business and Management.

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What you are planning to do is essentially at market research paper roughly. This is coming right out of my Market Research lecture notes.

1) Doubt Your Sources

Companies often have problems that they need to make decisions about. For example again, this comes out of my MR tutorial , facebook has been inrreasing in number of users in the last 5 years but they are still continually making losses. But facebook started out to target college aged Before coming up with a research question you have to know what your objective is. Your research objective should have the following:. For example: Determine the causes for the increase of facebook members aged 24 and above in the last five years to determine whether facebook should change its marketing strategies to target this demographic.

From here, you can pull out a variety of research questions. For example:.

The Extended Essay: how to construct an historical investigation pt1 Dr. Chris Prior

So you can't just sit there and 'search' for a RQ. You have to look at the business you're doing, see what their problem is, what decision they're trying to make. Then consider, to make that decision, what information do they need to know and how would this information help them make their decision? My marketing research project this semester at university is doing a report for a real business, and the best reports in the class will be given to the real business as real marketing advice, so count yourself lucky that your EE will only be read by the IBO who doesn't care jack about the business you're writing about.

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Hey, at least by writing this I did my studying for this week's lecture. How is the outline that has to be turned in supposed to be?? So you should ask your teachers what they expected from you when they set you an outline to do. Basically just a plan of action. It's not a formal IB assignment, just by your teachers for your teachers, so I wouldn't worry about a special format or anything.

I'm doing my extended essay in film, I'm looking at faux-documentaries, do any of you think it is okay to refer to other horrors not in my question to compare? Because I'm looking at how faux documentaries create horror without relying on conventional filmic elements and I'm worried that by mentioning other horror films I may have digress too much. Hi, I'm doing an extended essay in history. I have made a detailed outline on what to include. Yet i'm finding it difficult to actually start writing it Could anyone please tell me a good place to begin?

Figure out what you're doing by analysing the two battles. Are you contending that one battle was a success and the other a failure because of X reason? Significant quote. Poignant connection to your topic and why it interested you this is optional, purely stylistic, the part below is mandatory.

In the course of this discussion, a variety of historical sources will be considered including, but not limited to, commentaries from Historians B and C, and detailed barrack reports D and E during the war. After that, Topic sentence 1, evidence, analysis, subconclusion. And so on and so forth with the remaining paragraphs. Im doing my EE in biology because its the only science subscribed to the ib on my school. Should I leave the question as it is, I still think is too short.

It's recommended that if one does an EE in biology, one has to carry out an experiment to test the validity of the RQ. Right now, i doubt your RQ has anything to do with biology in my opinion. Someone correct me if i'm wrong.

This sounds more like a philosophy question that dabbles in physics. I doubt you'd score well using this question. So change it to something that you can conduct an experiment on. I am doing my EE on the topic of the recession in Belarus in and particulary how did it affect the specific company. I am doing in it in Economis obviously. Could anyone please tell me what should i start with? Just a question - Is a personal response necessary for the extended essay? I can't find it anywhere in the marking criteria, however few of the exemplers that I have read have had a paragraph dedicated to personal response.

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ib history extended essay marking criteria Ib history extended essay marking criteria
ib history extended essay marking criteria Ib history extended essay marking criteria
ib history extended essay marking criteria Ib history extended essay marking criteria
ib history extended essay marking criteria Ib history extended essay marking criteria
ib history extended essay marking criteria Ib history extended essay marking criteria
ib history extended essay marking criteria Ib history extended essay marking criteria

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