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Family violence affects many persons at some point in their life and constitutes the majority of violent acts in our society. Family violence requires that a relationship exist between the parties before, during and after the incident of the family violence. Family violence differs within each family and is any act committed between family or household members…. Login Join. Home Page Family Violence Essay. Family Violence Essay Submitted By mareesteph.

Family Violence Essay

Open Document. Family violence and commonwealth laws-child support and family assistance ip 38 Overview There are complexities in relation to child support that are broader than the financial arrangements between the parties for the care of their children. Care arrangements and child support being so closely entwined does, we think, expand the environment in which the potential for family violence exists.


In relation to the above, the following recent initiatives have been announced or launched: 1. A "new national training package [Avert Family Violence: Collaborative Responses in the Family Law System] to help professionals within the family violence system improve the way family violence is addressed".

A national register for domestic and family violence orders has been agreed by the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General to "implement a national scheme for domestic and family violence orders that will improve protection for victims of family violence". A tender by the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department for the development of a family violence screening and risk assessment tool has been recently released.

The Issues Paper further considers a number of issues in relation to child support, including screening for family violence by the Child Support Agency; the requirement to take reasonable maintenance action, and exemptions granted due to family violence; collection of child support; and protection of personal information.

Family Violence And The Family

With respect to family assistance, the following issues, among others, are addressed: exemptions from Tax File Number requirements in cases of family violence; payment of Family Tax Benefit when a… Show More. Related Documents: Family Violence Essay. Violence: Violence and Emotions Essay Torres vines Oct,5, Domestic violence Domestic violence has been prevalent throughout history, quickly gaining a disheartening reality of popularity.

Women who are in an abusive relationship often feel as if they deserve the abuse… Words - Pages 2. The front line of the courts response and the first responders are… Words - Pages 7. Child Protection in Families Experiencing Domestic Violence Essay social worker to help change the life of abused and neglected children. Throught out my essay I will explain and talk about the history… Words - Pages 7. Forms of violence differ… Words - Pages 2.

Family violence can also teach children to have violent ways and grow… Words - Pages 3. Cased And Consequence Of Family Violence Essays Causes and Consequence of Family Violence Danielle L Alberty University Of Phoenix Family Violence has increased in a traumatic way as families become faced with life and life struggles, as a child in a home with family violence become frantic when dealing with those in a confrontational manner.

Family violence affect the entire family as a whole, this type of behavior can either harm or help your children when dealing with this as they get older, in most homes when children are around this… Words - Pages 4. Family Violence Essay would you define family violence? The topic of domestic violence is often discussed in psychological researches and published in scientific and mass magazines. Domestic violence can be observed from different points: either psychological or physical. The latter includes not only beating, but sexual actions and debauches.

However I might admit that psychological trauma may be as painful as physical one. As a result children suffer from certain inner disorder. It often leads to criminal actions, asocial behavior or even parents murder. The problem needs deep complex research with the help of psychologists, medical scientists, sociologists, lawyers etc.

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Violence against children faces moral accusation and criminal punishment as well. Psychologists, government and other institutions wishing to solve the problem, take certain measures to change the threatening situation. However not much of them appeared to be really efficient. Violence often takes place in families with high level of conflicts, drug and alcohol problems, unlawful behavior and asocial values.

The author, Russian psychologist, admits that violence against children reveals in different cases. The major part of them is physical actions. Why do children suffer? Reasons can be various. It is much more important to find out why parents treat their children in such a way. The article tells a story of 11year old Edic, who was supposed to steal money from his parents.

At least his parents thought so.

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He also had problems at school. Teachers and classmates were dissatisfied with his behavior.

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He used to be rude, inattentive, naughty and sometimes violent to classmates. Once the teacher took away a cassette, which Edic was holding during the lesson. The teacher was curious to find out what the cassette contained. However instead of usual music, there were voices. Soon the teacher understood that the boy recorded what was going on at home. It explained much to the teacher.

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The cassette contained rude words and expressions towards the son. The next day Edic came to school with hard bruises. The conflicts in this family began from a trifle. But the behavior of parents defined further behavior of their son. He became insensible, rude and violent towards other people. Parents were careless to their words and affected the innocent soul of their son. They accused him of robbery and it spoilt his psyche. Later it revealed that Edic began to rob at school.

Words of parents are of great power. They can both cure and hurt. In our case parents nudged the boy to illegal actions, close to real crime. Sometimes parental words can even lead to suicide, let along improper actions. Teachers at school wondered why Edic was so nervous, rude and unpredictable.

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Everything was later explained by careless behavior of his parents. His mother had an explosive character. Edic naturally took after his parents changeable and explosive features of character. A child living in the conditions of violence, suffer from inevitable problems. He tries to save faith and trust in people, but it appears to be impossible in such circumstances. He has to control the situation and possess strength of character to resist the oppression. The article shows definite picture of what the boy felt in such living conditions.

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The child loses himself and becomes violent and insensible as well. Children get offended towards the whole world and lose faith. According to World association of health protection, 40 million children suffer from different forms of violence every year, in the whole world. If they are normal people, how on Earth could they reveal such cruelty? These are lack of working places and money itself, poor living conditions, low salaries etc. All these factors lead to stress in the first place.

violence in the family essay Violence in the family essay
violence in the family essay Violence in the family essay
violence in the family essay Violence in the family essay
violence in the family essay Violence in the family essay
violence in the family essay Violence in the family essay
violence in the family essay Violence in the family essay
violence in the family essay Violence in the family essay

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